Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement

Ultra-Clean is a family owned residential and commercial carpet cleaning company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are committed to the use of top quality green cleaning products, leading edge equipment, and the best training in the industry.
We have eighty years of cleaning experience and numerous certifications in the field of carpet cleaning. Your home, business and the air you breathe is a priority for us. Our company has made a commitment to the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and our planet.
Ultra-Clean demonstrates pride of ownership on every job we do.


Vision Statement

Ultra-Clean aspires to provide quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning at a reasonable cost.
Our use of high productivity carpet cleaning equipment, the best EPA or Green Seal Certified cleaning products makes it possible for us to meet this goal.
The goal of Ultra-Clean is to offer the highest standard of eco-friendly carpet cleaning, while protecting the health of clients, our employees, and the environment.


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