Tips For Finding Carpet Cleaning Companies

Tips For Finding Carpet Cleaning Companies

Do you keep hiring carpet cleaning companies that promise more than they can deliver? A lot of businesses advertise rock bottom prices to entice customers, but after they get their foot in the door, do shoddy work, then intimidate customers forcing them to pay their exorbitant prices. The industry has recognized that these scam artists are hurting legitimate businesses, so the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has come up with some tips to help consumers not get swindled by these scammers.

Top tip #1: Make sure that the IICRC certifies the carpet cleaning companies you are researching.  Firms certified by the IICRC undergo rigorous training to meet a strict set of standards. The IICRC requires Certified Firms to be clear, concise, and fair with consumers. No bait-and-switch ads. They will maintain liability insurance to protect both themselves and their customers. Once certified, these firms that are certified by IICRC must continue training to remain current and keep their Certified Firm status.

Top tip #2: Low advertised pricing (and lack of the “IICRC-certified” logo) should be a red flag. If a business advertises they can clean seven rooms for an unbelievable fee, then what type of work will they do? Extremely low pricing usually means shoddy work. What will happen is the technician(s) will get in, do the job, and then intimidate the customer to pay several times more than the advertised price? A reputable business cannot stay in operation if they are offering deals like this. Read the fine print to find out exactly what the cost includes and request a firm price in writing before the work begins.

Top tip #3: Is the company accredited by the Better Business Bureau? A business that is part of the BBB has met high standards and remains committed to upholding the standards for ethical business behavior. The BBB continues to monitor accredited businesses to make sure they adhere to BBB standards. They also work with law enforcement agencies to provide them with information of developing scams and fraud.

Top tip #4: Reputation is everything. Request references, ask the BBB (or go on line) or Your local Chamber of Commerce, or ask friends and acquaintances if they have used the business before. If so, how was the work, and were the technicians courteous? Did they explain everything clearly and concisely? Do not take the technician’s word for it, always research the company before you agree to let them in your home.

Top tip #5: Check out the IICRC’s website to locate a certified professional. The IICRC researches for years to develop their standards. They review and update them every five years to ensure that the industry keeps up with best in new technology and practices.

When you hire an IICRC-certified firm, you are hiring the best in carpet cleaning companies. Accredited technicians will correctly identify fabrics and determine the best cleaning solutions and methods, have the right equipment to eliminate odors, kill bacteria and mold, and clean your carpet and furnishings properly. Always look for the IICRC-certified logo to get the best in the industry.